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Join our Believe in Scotland Facebook Group, that has attracted 11,700 members in just over four months. In this group, we discuss what tactics, messages and styles the independence movement itself should adopt and how we can help undecided voters see the light. We also want to focus on what an independent Scotland might look like, and how we can create a better, fairer, greener and more successful nation through independence.


@believeinscot or Believe in Scotland


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10 hours ago

Broken Britain or an Independent Scotland?What would you choose? Let us #Yes #indyref2
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🤔 Did you know that including territorial waters, Scotland is actually one and a half times larger than England?Do you believe in Scotland? 👇 #Yes #Indyref2
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3 days ago

Believe in Scotland is the fastest growing Yes Group on Facebook with roughly 2,000 new members a month joining our community.A safe and positive place to discuss Scotland’s future as an independent nation. Join us?
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